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Marble is a beautiful stone that many people use for their floors at home and in offices. To keep the stone reflective, it's important to polish it. The stone should be reflective in such a way that you can see yourself in it. Polishing the floor is the best way of getting rid of stains. When you clean your floor, you don't have to reseal it. The following are essential tips you can use to polish marble surfaces. Click here to get started.


If your marble floor is dull and unattractive, you should buy a commercial grade polish or marble cleaners. A lot of marble suppliers offer marble care kits. However, marble cleaners are easier and faster to use than the care kits. You should purchase the best type of cleaner for marble polishing. Tin acid and putty powder are useful for polishing and cleaning dull-looking marble. Apply the powder on the surface using a damp cloth. Polish the stone with an electric polisher. In case the marble is severely scratched or damaged, consult professionals who specialize in marble polishing.


Marble sustains stains easily because it's very porous. You have to be careful when dealing with this stone. Never place glasses or cups on marble surfaces without coasters. The glass will leave ring-like stains on the surface. Ensure you clean any liquid or drink spill to avoid damaging the marble. Use a dry towel and damp cloth to clean your marble and keep it sleek.


It's advisable to clean marble surfaces thoroughly using warm water and a dish-washing detergent at least twice a year. Wash the marble with the detergent and rinse it with a damp cloth. You can apply wax on the surface to keep it safe from scratches and damages as well. Marble sealers offer great solid protection. Although wax is useful in marble polishing, you shouldn't use it on white marble because it will discolor it. Visit this link for more info.


Stains are different. Hence, you should look for chemicals that can clean the stain on your marble. Ammonia solution is good for organic stains such as those caused by tea, soft drinks and coffee. Apply the solution on the stained surface and leave it to dry. After it has dried up, use a damp cloth to rinse it. Dry the marble with a dry towel. Oil stains on marble are difficult to remove. They're caused by substances such as butter, lotion or cream. Apply cornstarch on the oil stain and leave it for some minutes. Later, rinse the surface with foamy detergent. Dry the surface after washing.


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